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Everything You Would Want to Know

Girl With Vision is extremely thankful for showing up your interest in our blog. We appreciate your efforts and urge you to create some high-quality content so that it would appear to be interesting for the users. We can together create a platform for our readers where they can explore a huge information hub from various topics of a niche.


At Girl with Vision, we are always keen on connecting passionate writers with ardent readers. So if you are a passionate writer, you are in the right place.

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How will ‘Writing for us’ benefit you?

  • Grow Followers: If you write something valuable, we could help to grow your (personal or business) followers grow. We actively promote our content to our audience on social media handles.

  • Build Brand Awareness: Writing for the varied categories on Girl with Vision can help you build your writing skills and your reputation, thus making guest posting to other sites easier for you.

  • Backlink to Site: Each blog post that you write for Girl With Vision will have an external no-follow backlink to your profile and appropriate credits with a short bio.


What topics are we interested in?

​If you love writing or always wanted to try blogging, you can work for Girl With Vision by writing blogs around the following categories:

  • Well Being

  • Digital Growth

  • Career Advice

  • What's Buzzing

  • Spiritual Patience

  • Book Reviews

You can create your own content or reach out to us for content ideas. There is no dearth of ideas at Girl With Vision. You can work with us for the long term continuously or for specific projects as a guest writer.

As a valued contributor, you will be able to educate thousands of Girl With Vision readers with your unique perspectives.


What type of content do we accept?

We encourage content that is:

  • Original - To be curated to Feels Like Life, your content must be 100% original and should not bear a resemblance with any related content published elsewhere.

  • Relevant - We welcome articles that mostly educate our readers on the above-mentioned categories.

  • Well-researched - Our writers should present in-depth and well-researched articles. To be featured on our website, your content needs to be rich in relevant information and industry updates.

  • Well-written - Only the well-articulated blogs get published on our website. As a writer, your approach should be very unique to engage our readers.


Guest Post Guidelines

  • Write articles that are at least 1200 words long

  • Submit 100% original content

  • We do encourage good photographic material in the article which supports the verbatim. Make sure not to violate copyright when using images. Give credit when needed.

  • Back up your write-up with research and real-life data

  • Make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes

  • Make sure you submit a well-formatted post that includes headers, sub-headers, bullet points, and tables wherever applicably

  • Make sure we haven’t already covered your topic before. Use the search bar on our blog and send us something we haven’t seen before

  • Use citations when you use data from other sources

  • We might make relevant edits to ensure the quality is in line with the rest of the blogs we publish without tampering with the original message

  • We may add affiliate links in the final published article

Before you start with the writing process, do let us know your topic of choice and pitch your idea to girlwithvision.business@gmail.com


So, what are you waiting for? Submit your pitch and start writing for us right away!