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With blank pages for creativity and room for reflection, Girl With Vision products will help you identify your dreams and build toward them every day. When you have your self-Planner by your side and motivation all around you, there’s nothing you can’t do.


Win The Day

This Monthly Planner will make your productivity levels shoot up to the sky. It will help you prioritize and improve focus. At the same time, it will also give you an opportunity to reflect upon things and the people you're grateful for. Make every day count.

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Win The Day Daily Planner

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Planner Specifications

Planner Size: 5.3 in. x 8 in. 

What's Inside: 64 undated, Planning Pages (Master your Day + Weekly Reflection Pages)

You can also print using A4 Size 100 GSM paper. If you want the pdf to be delivered online in your mail. Look for the options below. The Daily Planner allows for around one month of daily planning. 

What's Different

Who doesn't want to live their Dreams?

But while we are on the journey, we often come across various odd situations, and we feel disheartened.
Listen with Me, how taking small steps can transform your life to the next level.

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