If You do this…then you will be Happy?

Think for a Moment!

Have you ever crossed paths with someone who doesn’t want to happy? Definitely, the answer to this question is No…! Some of you will say, it's like asking anyone – Hey, do you want to stop breathing!

Of Course, Not! We all want to be happy; we all are struggling hard to find this emotion called Happiness. But somehow, even after working hard the whole day – we crave for Happiness!

1. Afterall, what is Happiness?


Is it something that we see in social media or often connected to any materialistic thing? Well, we can’t deny this that everyone has their own definition of happiness. There is not any particular line that can describe how does happiness look like. But the problem occurs when we compare our life with an altogether different individual and slowly trap ourselves in the cage of doubting ourselves.

2. If this…then that?


Have you heard about this disease earlier? Because directly or indirectly we all are the patient of this. It’s just a mere assumption that comes in our mind after listening to other people’s story or after scrolling social media platforms! The thing is, we accept the fact that if we want to be happy then we need to have some things in our life too.

For instance, we often say, I would be happy if I will have that dress…My happiness is in that gadget…I will be only happy if I reach early at my destination and if this won’t happen, then there is no place for happiness in my life.

We often add this condition of “this and that” to our Happiness factor. But we all should learn this that happiness does not come with any condition - It is a choice; It lies in your perspective.

3. Happiness lies in the journey itself...


Have you ever wondered that happiness lies in the very moment, the moment you are reading this article – the moment when you are in a hurry to reach somewhere and as soon as you step out - you find that lift is already at your floor! But instead of feeling lucky, you kept thinking about the next deals like traffic on the road or will cab be on the time…Blah! Blah! But did you notice? In between all of them, you just forgot to cherish the little things.

Some Points for you to Ponder

Often, in the process of thinking about this or that - Our focus is majorly on the problems and we often start comparing ourselves. Well, you are not alone in this; this is so normal. Situations may go wrong anytime! The major question is - How should we react at such time? Well, whenever you experience this, try to switch your mind from complaining to practising gratitude.

Does it sound weird…Like it's not practical or anything else? But let me tell you the fact - This is the only easiest solution for you to practice. When we compare our life with others, we often overlook the real story of their lives.

Don’t forget that, there are a lot of good things happening in your life too, you need to relax and feel them. Be grateful for them, so that you can find "Your hidden gem of Happiness" within you!


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Shruti Gilra I am a bird who's flapping her wings to fly high. I’m the mindset coach behind Girl with Vision. I love to gather information as much as I can about everything and love to frame them in my articles. Writing makes me feel lighter & happier.


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