This Quarantine Time

How are you spending your quarantine days?

One of the most frequently asked questions & sadly the majority of people are quite baffled and confused. Because we have never been like this before. So here I’m presenting some ideas, which can help you make these days more interesting!

1. Get along with your family:

This Quarantine Time

“A family that spends time together, stays together!”

A family should always come first, but in this jog of our everyday routine, it sculpts our life into much hectic one that impacts our social relations. This is the perfect time when you can devote enough time with your family and rejuvenate your relations with a renewed vigour because I discovered somewhere, Values and lessons which you receive from your family members, you will never get them from any books or anyone else!

2. Practice Meditation and Yoga:

This Quarantine Time

“Everything you will ever desire for is within you.”

During this course of quarantine days, when continuing to wander outside is ruinous, then why don’t we use this chance to peek inside our body. Raise your willpower, stream some positive zeal to your body.

3. Read an Inspiring Book:

This Quarantine Time

"A Reader in life will grow into a Leader one day"

Reading is a constructive activity – it stimulates our mind to improve the concentration and fuel positive eagerness to our brain. As per resources, “Reading helps people’s Brain process knowledge, and it advances every aspect of a person’s conversation skill like vocab expansion, memory enhancement, and richer literature skills.”

4. Listen to Music & Podcasts:

This Quarantine Time

“Music and podcasts are a higher revelation than all wisdom and ideology”

Tuning in to great music and podcast will not only soothe your ears but it will also impact your mind for a longer time, and this makes a man happier, smarter and aids the energy of people for influencing and motivation. Discovering the best podcast has been found to complement Intellectual development because as per human psychology our brain seizes the elements which we either hear from people or via music.

5. Add Creativeness to your Senses:

This Quarantine Time

1. Gain new skills: Don’t be uneasy to be a neophyte, instead have the will to work on yourself and devote yourself to being better every sole day. We all need to polish our expertise and experiences. So, utilize these days on your individuality development.

2. Try your skill in cooking: We have all listened and admitted this, that the fear of Covid-19 stops us to dine from outside. So, try your favourite recipe at home along with secret ingredients of your love, prayers, and concern and prepare it to be more tempting and delicious. The delight peace of mind which you will experience when you cook your food is beyond any experiment. It will flash up your spirits for sure.

3. Do Karaoke: Don’t wait to go outside for a karaoke session. Be your own partner and sing as loud as you can. It will make you joyful within, and every lyric during the karaoke stage delivers you at the height of new dynamism and craziness.

6. Prepare your To-Do List:

This Quarantine Time

To get the finest outcomes, we should take one step at a time, but if we keep in mind the full process of our steps, then the progress will become more efficient and exciting. So, work out the steps towards your dream and let your every dream come true.

Final Thoughts:

Sharing some of the very impressive and compelling ways to spend your quarantine days in the most gratifying manner. I hope you get some ideas about how you will spend your days.

Wrapping my thoughts with this remembrance, “Eat Properly, Sleep Well and Be Productive enough” - Because it will take some days to start a new habit, so make sure you use these days as in the best way possible.


Shruti Gilra

I am a bird who's flapping her wings to fly high. I’m the mindset coach behind Girl with Vision. I love to gather information as much as I can about everything and love to frame them in my articles. Writing makes me feel lighter & happier.


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