This Diwali - Covid friendly style

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Our incredible India is so rich in its culture and one of the most beautiful festivals of this culture is Diwali, "The festival of lights". Every festival comes with a unique story and the morals behind it. Diwali has its Incredible message - It gives us the lesson that no matter how much darker your life could be - you can make this beautiful. Life always offers us a light of hope and happiness.

This Diwali - Covid friendly style

But I guess this statement would feel unrealistic during this Pandemic. This Covid situation has changed the way we celebrate festivals. Because festivals mean a gathering of people, sharing gifts and sweets. Going out with friends and family but look at this situation. This won't be possible as much because we can't deny the reality.

So here I'm sharing some ideas to make this Diwali peaceful:

1. Spend time with your Family

This Diwali - Covid friendly style

After reading this, one absolute thought that is we've already spent very much time with family from the beginning of corona. But if you focus on the scenario you would realize the difference in the Vibes.

So, this Diwali spend some quality time with your family and create more memorable memories to cherish forever, and level up these festive vibes with more happiness and love.

2. Shop with Safety

This Diwali - Covid friendly style

Ultimately festivals mean taking yourself out from your couch and going out shopping but this festive season going out seems like you're inviting problems in your life. But at the same time shopping is essential. Try to prefer online shopping more and if you need to go outside then do follow the safety rules for yourself. Use masks, hand gloves, and sanitizer and maintaining distancing while shopping. Remember, your safety should be your priority.

3. Give gifts that boost Immunity

This Diwali - Covid friendly style

Gifting is a beautiful law of the Universe - the more you give with a pure intention the more you'll receive. And that's why at every festival we give gifts to our loved ones to make them happier. But during this Diwali, try to make them healthier too because a real caretaker is the one who takes care of your happiness and your health.

For example, this Diwali gift Your family a full basket of fruits that improves their immune system and makes them healthier. Along with it, try to share happiness and health awareness.

4. Be more passionate about your workers and maids

This Diwali - Covid friendly style

Everyone is going through tough times especially your workers like your home maid, newspaper vendors, etc. There's no sense in lighting 100 of diyas at your home while your workers ain't able to bring good food on their table.

This Diwali, give your workers extra love and support them financially and emotionally. The more you make people happy, the more happiness you'll attract to your life.

5. Be aware while lightening the diyas

This Diwali - Covid friendly style

The number of Diyas and lighting is something from which we can't take our eyes off this festival but make sure you don't light the Diya after sanitizing your hand and keep away the sanitizer from any fire. This time celebrate this Diwali in an eco-friendly way where you blast the least firecrackers but more share more and more laughter.

Final Thoughts

With these tips, I wish you have an Amazing Diwali that brings joy happiness, health, and prosperity to your home. Make this Diwali more peaceful and joyful. And if you're away from your loved ones, do join them virtually, and thanks to the technology for vanishing the distance between us.


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This Diwali - Covid friendly style
This Diwali - Covid friendly style

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