Practicing Positive Affirmations!

Grinning Readers!

I hope all of you there are doing well and are feeding yourself with a pinch of more positivity, inspiration, hope, love and happiness!

The Season of Spring is almost here, soon you will see the Nature rejoicing itself & gaining life again with the gradient colours of the rainbow – So do make sure that you let yourself bloom to your potential! When spring arrives, plants get enough water, light, warmth, soil or compost to grow equally. With every season transition, there is a gradual change in Human lives too!

Fengshui - The Season of 'Chen'

Positive Affirmations

According to Feng-Shui – Spring Equinox: March 20, begins the season of ‘Chen’ relating to family, new birth and beginning. I believe this Spring, we can gain even more profit – if we focus on GHN for ourselves & all the people we work, live and play with too.

What is GHN?

I believe BHUTAN has done it right. In the 1970s, their 4th King mandated the state to create an environment for all citizens to pursue their ultimate goals, happiness and declared that instead of focusing on Gross National Profit – Focus on Gross National Happiness.

Happiness can’t be defined, but even it’s a Choice! When you choose to feed yourself with a pinch of positivity & here is it when practising Happy Affirmations plays an Important role.

Self-Help books often promote the power of Positive Affirmations. We have all heard about them but if you never practised them then this idea is going to be incredibly awkward.

Now let us understand this with one of my favourite factors help – WWW!

The Happiness Unleashing Factor! What + Why + When

Positive Affirmations

Whatever you do or Whenever you start learning new things, then you should make sure that WHEN AND WHY FACTOR is crystal clear in your mind. Because as per Human Psychology, When you know – Why you are doing this, then your mind will find it easier to understand the factor of WHAT?