Our Mental Soundness Matters!

Updated: Jun 6

Greetings Amazing Souls!

let me ask you a question in the very beginning…?

How many of you, Go to Gyms for workouts, or yeah! Ladies going to Beauty Parlors! Coming back with n number of touch-ups!! And in boys focusing all on their muscles! Why do we call these? Yeah! I know what your answer would be! "To Look Good obviously.”

Mental Illness

It’s a fact that we are living in a society where we are focused on

our Physical Appearance more than anything!

Let Me Introduce you to a part of our Health, which always takes the backseat! And that is Most Important and a very sensitive part- Mental Health! Whenever we have any health issues, An Injury or Anything, we straight forward go to see a Doctor! But What Happens, when we feel sad, depressed, and have any Mental issues! Why Don’t we, then go to see a Doctor!

Even if we express somewhere, our society starts judging us, and treating us like “Are you a Pyscho!!” Treating Our mind like, It’s not a part of our Body. Now tell me one thing, when was the last time you sat with yourself and thought about your Mental Health?


Unfortunately, from most of you, I heard silence by your side!!

Mental Illness

Wait, Let Me break it up and lay it down for you! - This year World Mental Health Day is focused on the theme, “Suicide Prevention.

As per recent research, every 40 seconds, many individuals lose their life to suicide. Yes, you read it right, according to