Our Mental Soundness Matters!

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Greetings Amazing Souls!

let me ask you a question in the very beginning…?

How many of you, Go to Gyms for workouts, or yeah! Ladies going to Beauty Parlors! Coming back with n number of touch-ups!! And in boys focusing all on their muscles! Why do we call these? Yeah! I know what your answer would be! "To Look Good obviously.”

Mental Illness

It’s a fact that we are living in a society where we are focused on

our Physical Appearance more than anything!

Let Me Introduce you to a part of our Health, which always takes the backseat! And that is Most Important and a very sensitive part- Mental Health! Whenever we have any health issues, An Injury or Anything, we straight forward go to see a Doctor! But What Happens, when we feel sad, depressed, and have any Mental issues! Why Don’t we, then go to see a Doctor!

Even if we express somewhere, our society starts judging us, and treating us like “Are you a Pyscho!!” Treating Our mind like, It’s not a part of our Body. Now tell me one thing, when was the last time you sat with yourself and thought about your Mental Health?


Unfortunately, from most of you, I heard silence by your side!!

Mental Illness

Wait, Let Me break it up and lay it down for you! - This year World Mental Health Day is focused on the theme, “Suicide Prevention.

As per recent research, every 40 seconds, many individuals lose their life to suicide. Yes, you read it right, according to WHO,More than 800000 people die by suicide a year and majority of people are among 15 to 39 years old.” & that’s not the end, the rate is increasing because people nowadays are not mentally sound, being disturbed from inside and the fear of being judged kills them silently.

Mental Unsoundness is at peak. Everyone around is facing this, Be its celebs like singers, actors and athletes. Next day we get to know about different challenges these people face on social handles. But Before we get into finding the solution, we should first be aware, what is in Actual “Mental Soundness”?

Mental Illness

Mental Health in general, involves the

emotional and physiological well-being of your behaviour.

It affects your physical health as well. Your mind is everything to your body, so make sure you are keeping it stress-free. In our tenure of life, we deal with thousand of Ups and Downs. These small factors if not taken care of can lead us to a path of Mental Illness.

Mental health, in general, doesn’t mean Mental illness– Mental Health is just a state of mind, which we all have & Mental illness on the other side is an illness which can be seen in the way people think, feel, behave or interact with others. Don’t make the mistake to mix the two terms.

When do you know that you are Mentally Unsound?

Mental Illness

Mental illness is something, which starts to change us from the inside and completely affect our lives. But What many of us do is, we ignore the little things unknowingly making the symptoms breed to mere complexities like depression, anxiety and eating disorders etc.

Here I am sharing with you some highly found symptoms of mental illness:

  1. feeling sad and down

  2. confused feeling, excessive fear of worries or extreme feelings of guilt

  3. significant tiredness, low energy

  4. social withdrawal

  5. a strong feeling of anger

  6. growing inability to cope with daily problems and activities etc.

These were some of the very common symptoms, which are found in the majority of us. If anyone of us is facing them, I want you to make it clear in your mind that, “It’s not an abnormal Thing”.

Mental Illness

We are not any odd-one-out or what people call “Psycho”. Its 100% fine to have such a problem, But What Matters is “The Way you Deal and face this.”

How to Deal with Mental Unsoundness?

Let me again remind you of the fact that, only Hiding and denying, accepting these problems will make it breed to its complex versions! So here I am, with 5 tips to help you bore out of the well of Mental Unsoundness:

Step1: Take your Step out of the WELL

Mental Illness

“A Positive Start will definitely end you up with Positive Learning”

Traditional Ways always saves us! Start your day with positivist, wake up early, go for a Morning Walk, listen to the chirping of birds! Appreciate the beauty of Sunrise. These small steps will make you believe that Nature is the Best Teacher and will make you close to it! There is so much beauty in the world if we would just take a moment to appreciate and learn from it.

Step2: Being Productive is Better than Over BUSY

Mental Illness

There is a huge difference between having a busy schedule or a productive one. The productive schedule will always uplift you and help you to the best version of yourself while busy schedule involves those activities which you are doing just to ignore the reality. So, start doing productive things instead of involving yourself in unnecessary stuff.

Step 3: Mindfulness, Acceptance & Commitment

Mental Illness

“Mental illness is just a disorder not a decision for a lifetime. You can heal yourself. ”

When we talk about mental illness, acceptance of reality plays an important role. Mental illness accrues when we start denying reality. We need to observe our thoughts without judging them and look at the pain of this illness from a different perspective and start accepting this the way it is. Because only you are the one who can solve this from the root or can give water to this pain by ignoring this.

Step4: Being Honest is the KEY

Mental Illness

Every disease needs transparency to solve this from the root. You need to be honest to yourself. If you are feeling bad without any specific reason, then it’s okay to feel this but be honest. Don’t try to run from your problem. If you are not comfortable to share your problem with other people, then it’s up to you but at least try to fix this on your own ground and try to be your support.

Step5: Giving Up Is Not Going to take you Anywhere

Mental Illness

“If it’s not working today, No worries! It will rock tomorrow.”

Yes, we know this for very long, but still we choose to give up. If things are not going in your favour and you are struggling with yourself, you need to be patient. Everything takes time to heal. Trust yourself, be positive and take steps towards your happiness, your happiness will find your way.

Final Thoughts

Mental Illness

Mental illness is temporary if your determination is high for being a better person.

Yes, we are mentally ill, but we need to take responsibility for our actions, regardless of any reason. They are a product of your mental illness. Be honest and heal yourself with positivity. You can completely recreate yourself. You are not stuck; you can learn something new and improve yourself.

Your only limit is your mind, set it free and let it explore everything.


Shruti Gilra

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