Morning Pages - Better Ideas, Lesser Anxiety

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

It's time to Imagine your perfect morning!

Imagine with me, what will you do if you had an extra hour in the day. Will you use it to work out? Or read a newspaper! Getting up early doesn't mean that you are punishing yourself. The fact is you will just not get out of bed if you don't have a very good reason to do it!

Morning Pages - Better Ideas, Lesser Anxiety

Well, I am here with a perfect thing to get you started! If you simply want to start your morning rituals with more productivity, then Morning Pages will help you to make this more amazing and systematic.

What are Morning Pages?

Originally, Morning Pages are described by Julia Cameron in her fantastic book, The Artist's Way - where she explained the star points of writing three pages of your thoughts, the first in the morning. This tool is highly effective, and it helps us improve our awareness and guide us to find calmness and clarity.

Morning Pages - Better Ideas, Lesser Anxiety

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Before going on to share the benefits of Morning Pages - I would like to share the WHY factor hidden behind this. It will let you know why you should also add this to your routine.

The Why factor

Morning Pages - Better Ideas, Lesser Anxiety

Every morning we wake up with some thoughts and ideas, but some of them are worth taking ahead, and the rest of them are good to drop at the same time. But lack of awareness regarding such things creates a mess in our routine. And here comes the reason why writing morning pages should be the place where you can pour your heart down in the piece of paper early in the morning.

Break the Myth

Generally, people think everything that you write in the morning pages should be positive but let me break down this myth for you. Morning pages don’t mean writing only positive pieces of stuff. It simply means writing about all your current thoughts, ranging from everything to anything. No matter how many clichés or serious your thought is! All you need to do is write this down without any second thoughts.

Benefits of morning pages:

Morning Pages - Better Ideas, Lesser Anxiety

1. Improve your awareness:

Writing your thoughts helps you in improving your awareness regarding your thoughts and helps you in deciding where you need to work.

2. Clears your mind from chaos:

Writing is a powerful tool because when you write down your emotions, you are clearing your mind from unwanted stress and meanwhile making space for much more powerful and good things.

3. Higher intuition:

Morning pages give us quality time to spend some time with ourselves where we hear our hearts, and in return, we create a beautiful relation with our intuitions.

4. Appreciate the silence:

It helps us to embrace the silence and Let me remind you that silence is always powerful and peaceful.

It's time for Practice!

After reading a lot about the benefits of Morning Pages, if you want to feel the calmness in your routine too - then give this a try here! I am sharing here the way - how you can add this to your routine and how you can make the best of this technique!

Morning Pages - Better Ideas, Lesser Anxiety
  1. Wake up at least 15-20 minutes early from your regular timings.

  2. Keep a notebook around you so that you don’t need to waste time finding a notebook and pen.

  3. You can play some soft music to make you feel more conscious and calmer.

  4. Now open your notebook and start with writing, “I am a happy soul and today will be a great day.”

  5. Thereafter, write down whatever you feel and whatever comes to your mind.

  6. There is no right and wrong way to write this down! All you need is to write whatever comes to your mind.

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What's my take?

I have been writing my thoughts on these Morning Pages for a long time now and trust Me! These Morning pages have helped me in so many ways. I have grown myself with a clear vision and started following my dreams. One of the most amazing activities of my morning ritual is no doubt - Writing Morning Pages. A hope that you add this to your morning routine as well.

Morning Pages - Better Ideas, Lesser Anxiety

Shruti Gilra

I am a bird who's flapping her wings to fly high. I’m the mindset coach behind Girl with Vision. I love to gather information as much as I can about everything and love to frame them in my articles. Writing makes me feel lighter & happier.


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