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Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Our Mind and the way we use our mind in day to day works is not only important, but it also plays an essential part in the foundations of living a Happy and Healthy Life. And if you are thinking, how does Meditation help you in this…? Well, here are all your answers!

Meditation has always been something that has gone to the core on my being and has helped me heal all those parts that were broken or were hustling and were being messed up. Being meditative, it has helped me heal them in a way, that is so natural.

Understand What’s Meditation?


Well, Meditation isn’t about evolving yourself into a different person altogether. It nowhere means that you are being transformed into a new person or a better person. Understand, it about creating awareness in you – about who you are, not about what you should be! Meditation is creating a healthy sense of how you see things around you in a positive way.

Now, you don’t have to turn off your thoughts or feelings for being meditative. Instead, Meditation will help you to observe them more deeply and without any judgement. In all this process, Meditation helps you better understand yourself.

Why you should give Meditation a try?


Meditation is something that when you are practising it, you shouldn’t be thinking about the benefits that you are trying to get. Meditation gives us a reason to enjoy life, the fact that we are alive right now here at the Moment.

Meditation is a Meta Skill:

1. It improves all your other skills.

2. It improves your ability to relate to yourself and others.

3. It improves your ability to manage your thoughts and emotions and your nervous system.

4. It helps you to be productive enough for a long time.

5. It helps to improve your ability to be happy in life.

How to practice Meditation?


Learning how to meditate, is like learning any other skill. It will take you regular efforts to become comfortable with the process. Meditation is an activity which involves both your Mind and Body.

Meditation is easier than you think. Actually, you can meditate anytime and everywhere under any circumstances. It’s just awareness! It’s what we call the essence of Meditation. Meditation is paying attention to Who you are? One main thing to note is that with meditation we are trying to wake up rather than going to sleep.

Now, if you are really interested to start practising Meditation from today itself – this Beautiful video guide by Pick Up Limes will help you start of the process in an easy beautiful way.

Why do most people fail in Meditation?

1. Some of us only start meditation to boost off our individuality. No, don’t just do it show off people around you. Meditation is an exciting journey to explore yourselves better.

2. Meditation is a consequence. People nowadays want the results faster, while none of them enjoys the process. Rather, if you go on to cultivate your body to a certain level of maturity – your body will become meditative. In simple words – focus on how to cultivate a flower first if you want to enjoy the holy fragrance of it.

Being Meditative is a Process, not about being perfect


There’s nothing such as you are Meditation Perfect. Well, sometimes you may lose your focus, or you will just forget to follow your breaths. It’s totally OK. What matters is that you keep on trying to meditate regularly. You have to start enjoying the journey, more than the destination.

Our so-called Smart Mind can be Weird at times - It will take some time to get comfortable with it. Facing setbacks is a part of the process. You are already doing great, by just showing up here! Keep practising!


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