Find Your Purpose of Life

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Hello Beautiful Souls!

2020! This Decade is special & I really wish that all of you there are booming and are following your #NewYearResolutions with as much enthusiasm as you made them on 31st Dec 2019! I hope you achieve them all, touch the skies of your Target along with a lot of sparkling moments in 2020 and adding to it, more of us find the Purpose of living our life.

Yes, you read it right! & a question might be dwelling in your heart, that why this “Purpose of life” is kept over everything? No Worries at all, At the end of this you all will be very aware of this important aspect in our lives!

Find Your Purpose of Life

Let us all accept the fact that, we all are part of a generation, where people like me and you work whole day long, as much as we can to reach our materialistic goals, But a setback happens to our soul when we all are asked about the purpose of our lives

Some of us will say that the job they are doing is the only purpose of their life and yes they will be right too but still the majority of us have engaged ourselves in such activity or work which is not meant for us!!

1. Your Purpose in life has heavenly feels!

Find Your Purpose of Life

Most of us say that we are set to go to heaven or hell after our lives! But do you know, that doing the things just because they complete our materialistic goals is like settling for less than we deserve! Finding a purpose in life is something, for that when you wake up every morning – you are excited to chase something for your soul and it tends to give a more meaningful existence to your lives!

2. Now ask yourself… How lively would it be to live like this?

What’s next! I know in our generation, finding a career is much easier than finding the purpose of life. In this blog, let us understand this factor not with the help of any words but with the life of a living Inspiration, Amazing Novelist – Ms Savi Sharma

Find Your Purpose of Life

Everyone has a Story was her first debut novel and let me add one more amazing fact – It was her self-published novel. Adding to her Best-selling list, she has published three more novels namely, This is Not Your Story, Everyone has a Story-2 and recently she launched her other novel Stories We Never Tell.

Before starting her career as an author, she was a CA student. She took a decision and dropped CA when she was preparing for her CA finals because, at that very moment, she realized that she was not meant to count numbers and tally the balance sheets! Instead of this, she realized that she is someone who can create so many characters and inspire millions of people her writing.

The journey of her from being a CA student to the NOVELIST was tough but when you find the purpose of life, then everything seems small in front of that. Want to know, how to find? Come on let’s go through these questions & be honest to yourself while answering them!

  1. What is that which I do at my best?

  2. When I am the happiest?

  3. How can I be happier?

  4. What motivates me to get up in the morning?

  5. What makes me feel proud of myself?

  6. What are my dreams, and how can they be achieved?

  7. What keeps me up at night?

These are some questions which will help you to know about the purpose of your life but not here comes the end of our conversation! We need to discuss something more realistic because deep in our hearts, many of us know what we are meant to be, but the struggle begins when we start accepting and start following our dreams.

3. Know your Uniqueness

Find Your Purpose of Life

Each of us is born with a unique life purpose, what we all need to do is to dig ourselves within and polish them with our constant efforts and water them with your trust. Trusting your individual uniqueness challenges, you to lay yourself open there, believing that there has been never anyone like you.

You are an utterly new thing in creation. Your life goal should realize this uniqueness and work on your story because everyone has a story that makes them unique from the world. Find the real you - Have faith in you!

4. Re-Write your Life:

Find Your Purpose of Life

When you go on a journey then the thoughts, when you started and ended up achieving it will never be the same, so many up and downs will show their face & the same works in our life. When we start a plan, then in the phase of Planning to Execution, we find our soul enriched with many miracles and the most amazing award you earn is, you get to know the purpose of your life!

Something different and new, nearly always wins out over this risk of taking a tumble. So, he drops what he was already holding in his hand and surrenders himself over to the next.


Message Takeaway:

Living in PRESENT, knowing your WHY= You will know your PURPOSE

To know the purpose of your life, you must learn to live in the present moment to its fullest. Don’t let your soul rush, it will only add stress to it because finding a purpose is not an exam or any task!!

It’s a journey where you explore and know yourself better each day than the day before and meanwhile, in no time you find yourself closer to your dreams. So, make this smoother and start living in the present, enjoy each moment without thinking about your past. The fruit you get from this is that half of your unanswered questions, get their answers!

Purpose Makes Life Happier!

Why matters the most, behind every work you do there is a WHY, that why is the one thing that motivates yourself to work on that purpose. when you will be able to figure out why behind that purpose – It will boost you to work harder.

Present + Why = Purpose


Shruti Gilra I am a bird who's flapping her wings to fly high. I’m the mindset coach behind Girl with Vision. I love to gather information as much as I can about everything and love to frame them in my articles. Writing makes me feel lighter & happier.


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