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I am Shruti

A girl who is flapping her wings to fly high, But at the same time trying to focus and maintain her roots from the Earth! I truly believe that life needs to be limitless. I love writing and creating content, but when I am not doing this, you can find me Cooking, Dancing, Painting and Learning.

I am an absolute student, with Life being my Teacher. I can't deny the fact that this world has so much to teach us. Being more Mindful, and living my life like a Girlboss for life! 

Healthy Lifestyle Blogger | Girl with Vision

How far do I wish to go

What's the limit to my life - its the endless sky

But, when did I start realizing this fact?


My life was brought a turnaround by content writing. It's my passion, that has also helped me realize my constant cravings for something creative in life. Through my entire course as a content writer, my passion for writing and my need for creativity have helped me pass through every ordeal.

How far do you wish your life to take you?

Healthy Lifestyle Blogger | Girl with Vision

It's fascinating to share
a bit of myself with you.

I have been a pampered soul in my family. From an early age itself, I was taught numerous morals and values we need while going on with our lives. My life in the family was the perfect blend of peace, prayer, love, trust, and togetherness. My favorite partner in crime in the family has always been my beloved grandmother. However, this life of a fairytale wasn't meant to last long.

Healthy Lifestyle Blogger | Girl with Vision

When I Felt Lost, I found Myself

I have heard somewhere, you need to be lost in the process of finding yourself.

And this is what has happened to me. Belonging to an absolute academic family, It was hard for me to find the path to pursue my dreams. Taking the easy step, I thought to convince myself and tried my hands in so many academic career paths. But soon, I realized that this is my "Call". This was definitely a weird time of my life, but I can't deny the fact that this phase moulded me into the "Best Version of Myself!"


If we want to experience the beauty of the Sea, then we need to dive into it & that's What I did! I accepted reality and then planned my actions accordingly. I started to believe in my potential to make my own way to my dreams. I feel good when I am in the process of writing and creating content. Writing is something that I guess it's in my DNA. Every member of my family is a writer and they respect this but thinking this as my career, wasn't easy for me.


Pouring my heart into paper feels like I am living so many lives in one day. Now, I won't stop this journey and even build more options to make it an amazing platform for me.   

Healthy Lifestyle Blogger | Girl with Vision
Healthy Lifestyle Blogger | Girl with Vision

what my experiences talk about

I have pursued B.Com in Economics. When it comes to my work experiences, I would like to start with a couple of years of practice experience for being a company secretariat. The brook I joined after it was that of a content writer. Believe me, this change was an incredible experience.

I had the opportunity to share my thoughts through an Instagram page. My passion for writing has also brought me along a journey to make a blog. I give consistent inputs to the blog and try to guide people on how to reignite their dreams, elevate their mindset and execute their goals through my posts.

Healthy Lifestyle Blogger | Girl with Vision